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NCBA eyes lawsuit as possible remedy to European ban on hormone beef

(Monday, Feb. 17, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- meatingplace.com: The National Cattlemen's Beef Association will discuss with other trade groups in coming weeks the possibility of forming a coalition to fund and pursue strategies-including lawsuits that would help force the European Union to overturn its ban on U.S. beef grown with growth promotants.

"We are studying the directive approved by our membership, and the first stept will be to communicate with other trade groups to gauge their interest and obtain feedback on this issue," said NCBA spokesperson Karen Batra. "The we'll establish what the next step should be."

At their annual convention last month in Nashville, NCBA members voted to instruct the NCBA's board of directors to explore the formation of an industry coalition to pursue legal strategies to overturn the EU ban. Batra said NCBA's Washington, D.C. office would coordinate the effort, and the project would likely be headed by Gregg Dowd, the NCBA's chief economist.

The association's Washington office oversees the NCBA's trade strategies.

Dowd joined the NCBA in January. Batra said she was uncertain when the NCBA would begin making overtures to other trade groups to participate in the proposal.