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Modified pollen hits organic farms

(Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2002 -- CropChoice news) --

Alex Roslin, Toronto Star, 09/30/2002: Biotech proponents said it couldn't happen. Critics warned it was just a matter of time. Now the nightmare scenario of many farmers seems to have hit Ontario.

Farmers in the province are reporting the first-ever cases of so-called transgenic contamination pollen from genetically engineered crops blowing in the wind and contaminating natural crops in neighbouring farmers' fields.

"I was not ready for it. I feel such a wrath about it," says Alex Nurnberg, an organic farmer hit this month by GM contamination at his 180-acre spread near Ailsa Craig, a village northwest of London.

The cases raise questions about whether, in the rush to market new genetically modified foods, the federal government and biotech companies have sacrificed the genetic purity of traditional plants.

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