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Alberta counties join effort to prevent 'Frankenwheat'

(Sunday, Sept. 7, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- Neal Talbot, Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune, 09/04/03 via Agnet: Alberta's counties are, according to this story, joining the battle against genetically modified wheat.

The story says that the county of Smoky Valley, which is northeast of Edmonton, is spearheading a provincewide drive to have every Albertan county oppose the introduction of genetically modified wheat into the province and demand all trial locations be made known to the public.

County of Smoky Valley Agricultural Service Board chairman Cory Ollikka was quoted as saying, "The cost of dealing with genetically modified wheat far outweighs any potential financial gain. Due to the potential for contamination of non-GM wheat, this Roundup Ready wheat could devastate our wheat industry if international customers decide to place a blanket ban on Canadian wheat products."