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Dupont to appeal ruling, new biotech website and Sri Lanka re-imposes GMO ban

(Aug. 14, 2001 CropChoice newsbriefs) U.S. chemical giant DuPont Co. said yesterday that it will stop selling its fungicide Benlate by the end of the year. This comes in the wake of a Florida court order that the company pay $78.3 million in damages to two Costa Rican plant nurseries. The jury in the case found that Dupont was guilty of negligence, fraud and racketeering. The company plans to appeal the ruling that its representatives say was based on unsound science.

Sri Lanka will re-impose its ban on transgenic foods beginning September 1. S. Nagiah, chief food and drugs inspector of the Ministry of Health, said that World Trade Organization representatives had visited the country and said that the regulations were not a problem for the trade body.

The University of Nebraska has launched a new website that it says will help consumers and students to better understand biotechnology. The url for the site is = http://cropwatch.unl.edu/archives/2001/crop01-19.htm