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Resource available for those seeking non-GMO seeds, ingredients

(Nov. 1, 2001 CropChoice news) The following is a press release from The Non-GMO Source. Please note that there is no financial or editorial connection between CropChoice and The Non-GMO Source.

Contact: Ken Roseboro

Companies looking for non-GMO supplies of seed, crops, ingredients, and food products now have a resource to meet their needs with the publication of The 2002 Non-GMO Sourcebook.

Responds to industry need
The Non-GMO Sourcebook is the first publication that presents a comprehensive list of suppliers, from "seed to shelf." As genetically modified crops continue to be grown extensively in North America, food producers here and abroad are increasingly concerned about the availability of non-GMO supplies to meet consumer demands.

"This is the definitive guide to the emerging non-GMO industry," says Ken Roseboro, editor of The Non-GMO Source newsletter. "Growers will find non-GMO seed, processors will find crops, manufacturers will find ingredients, and retailers will find food products."

Suppliers include seed companies, growers, grain processors, specialty grain suppliers, exporters, ingredient manufacturers, and product manufacturers. The majority of suppliers are based in North America, but international companies are also included and more will be added over time, says Roseboro.

The Non-GMO Sourcebook also lists GMO testing labs and test kit manufacturers, experts in identity preservation, organic certifiers, and crop improvement associations.

Published annually

The Non-GMO Sourcebook will be published each year and updated with more listings, particularly international suppliers, says Roseboro, whose company Writing Solutions, Inc., publishes both The Sourcebook and The Non-GMO Source newsletter.

Subscribers to The Non-GMO Source newsletter receive The Non-GMO Sourcebook as a free bonus. Individuals can order The Non-GMO Sourcebook for $39 by phone: 1-800-854-0586, email: ken@non-gmosource.com, or online: www.non-gmosourcebook.com