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China's GMO soybean authorization likely by January's end

(Monday, Jan. 5, 2004 -- CropChoice news) -- China likely will give final safety approval for Monsanto's Round-Up Ready soybeans by the end of this month, according to a story in Inside U.S. Trade. That's before its self-imposed deadline of April 20 for granting final approval of the genetically engineered beans.

According to Inside U.S. Trade: "Under China's pending permanent regime, all GMO crops must be approved as safe, after which traders would have to apply for safety certificates and importers would have to apply for labeling approval with China's Ministry of Agriculture. The U.S. has argued for the last few years that China must first approve U.S. GMO varieties before bringing its permanent import regime into effect, otherwise U.S. exporters would likely be prevented from shipping to China while China considers whether to approve U.S. GMO crops."

China complied by twice delaying its final rule on transgenic soybeans. As a temporary measure, the Chinese allowed engineered beans into the country provided that U.S. officials and exporters applied for authorization.

Source: http://www.soyatech.com/bluebook/news/viewarticle.ldml?a=20040105-2