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New York Proposal for GMO Planting Ban

(20 March - Cropchoice News) -- A bill to place a moratorium on planting of GMO crops has been introduced in the New York State legislature. The bill would make growing GMOs illegal in New York for a period of 5 years from passage.

State legislators see the proposed GMO ban as bonus for farmers. Statewide non-GMO status would allow New York agriculture to benefit from consumer interest in GMO-free products. The bill calls on the New York Department of Agriculture to "prepare a marketing plan that uses the moratorium as a promotional tool for New York State agricultural products."

The proposed law has has bipartisan support. The bill was introduced in the New York Senate by Republican Kenneth LaValle and in the Assembly, where it has attracted several cosponsors, by Democrat John McEneny.

New York is America's 28th agricultural producer by acreage, just behind Louisiana and slightly ahead of Virginia. In 1999, New York farmers planted just over 3.1 million acres.

The moratorium bill has been referred to the Senate's Consumer Protection Committee and the Assembly's Agriculture Committee for further debate.

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Source: Rep. McEneny's office