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Illinois farmers-Bio-corn growth could threaten EU sales

(Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2002 -- CropChoice news) -- U.S. plantings of new biotech corn varieties not approved by the European Union should be avoided because it would threaten American shipments, including $400 million worth of corn gluten, an Illinois farm group declared yesterday.

The Illinois Farm Bureau's board of directors, meeting in Bloomington, Ill., expressed "deep concern" that a likely increase in plantings next year of genetically modified corn not approved by the EU could threaten that market.

The EU currently has a moratorium on approvals of all new biotech products, a position denounced by the United States.

The American Farm Bureau Federation, a national organization of U.S. farmers, said Illinois is the only state farm bureau so far taking a position against planting biotech corn not approved by the EU.

The AFBF, which generally supports biotech in agriculture, is pushing for the Bush administration to file a World Trade Organization complaint against the EU's moratorium on new biotech products.

Source: IATP, http://www.iatp.org