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CropChoice news briefs

(Feb. 1, 2002 – CropChoice news briefs) –

    The report that Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Environment Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada prepared in response to the recommendations of the Royal Society report is available at http://www.inspection.gc.ca, http://www.ec.gc.ca, http://www.agr.ca and http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/protection/royalsociety/progress_report.html

    In a moment of anger, a South African sales representative of Monsanto looked Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser in the eye and said, 'One way, or another, we’re going to get you!' And so we ask: Why is one of the world's biggest seed companies trying to 'get' farmer Percy Schmeiser?

    This Saturday morning at 9am Pacific on AM 1080 KSCO and AM 1340 KOMY, the Saturday Food Chain with Michael Olson hosts Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser for a conversation about his David vs. Goliath confrontation with the Monsanto Corporation. (Though Monsanto has also been asked to participate, it has yet to agree.)

    Topics will include a brief look at the Schmeiser-Monsanto legal battle over genetically-engineered canola seeds; how this conflict has spread to farms and farmers throughout the world; and the consequences of victory should either side prevail.

    Listeners are invited to call the live program with questions and comments at 831-479-1080 or 831-477-1340. If you are unable to listen to the California radio stations YOU CAN LISTEN to the Saturday Food Chain streamed live or recorded as an archive whenever and wherever you want by logging on the radio page at http://www.metrofarm.com

  • Brazil GMO ban likely to go ‘til ’03 Disagreement among governmental branches, legal issues regarding food labeling, and an upcoming presidential election likely will keep Brazil a GMO-free nation until at least 2003. The number 2 grower and exporter of soybeans in the world has been GMO-free since 1999 when environmental groups successfully used their GMO-Free Brazil campaign to gain a court injunction.

    Source: Reuters