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Secrets of the Codex Alimentarius

(Thursday, Oct. 2, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- From a news release:

Codex Alimentarius is a code of law for the international trade in foods. But some say the U.N.ís Codex Alimentarius Commission has developed a new ambition, which is to decide which foods we may eat.

This Saturday at 9AM Pacific, the Food Chain with Michael Olson hosts corporate president Susan Negas, and attorney Scott Tips, for a conversation about the new world order of the Codex Alimentarius.

(Listen here: http://www.metrofarm.com/index.asp?cat=40088 ) )

Topics will include a brief look at the international trade in foods; how the Codex facilitates this trade; and why some fear the Codex has developed the ambition to govern what we may eat.

Listeners are invited to call the program on KFRM, KGET, KGOE, KMPH, KNTK, KOMY, KSCO or TRUTH RADIO with questions and comments at 800-624-2665, or log them to the discussion page at http://www.metrofarm.com .