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GMO developments in Asia

(March 14, 2002 – CropChoice news) – As far as Asia is concerned, two food biotechnology stories continue to unfold.

In China, the government announced that, as a compromise to the United States, it will issue preliminary safety approvals on imports of genetically modified foods. Rather than being locked out of the market when China’s biotechnology regulations take effect on March 20, U.S. exporters of soybeans and other agricultural commodities will receive the preliminary certificates within 30 days. They’ll have to certify the country of origin and the safety of any genetically modified organisms they contain.

Meanwhile, the Philippine government will soon require food importers to certify whether their products contain any transgenic ingredients.

And in Sri Lanka, the government’s Food Advisory Committee is working on regulations calling for the labeling of transgenic food imports.

Source: Just-food.com