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Mississippi State Court of Appeals upholds ruling against Hartz Seed Co.

(Sept. 29, 2001 – CropChoice news) – The Mississippi State Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court ruling that held the Jacob Hartz Seed Co., a Monsanto subsidiary, responsible for reduced yields in its genetically modified soybeans that farmer Newell Simrall had planted. The court upheld the $165,742 circuit court award to the Warren County farmer.

Hartz had touted its Roundup Ready soybean seeds as "top quality, disease resistant, high yielding seeds," according to the court opinion.

As the 1997 growing season progressed, Simrall noticed that the soybean plants from the Hartz 5164 seeds he had planted were shedding their pods. Hartz salespeople assured him that they would regenerate, but that didn’t happen. Agronomy experts found that the "disease resistant" transgenic beans had contracted the soybean mosaic virus.

Please read the ruling at www.mslawyer.com/mssc/ctapp/20010925/0000137.html to learn more about this case.

Sources: Mississippi Court of Appeals, Agnet and Associated Press