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Another British food producer goes GM-free

(February 8, 2001 -- Cropchoice news)-- British food producer Grampian Country Food Group has joined the likes of retailers Tesco, Asda/Wal Mart and Sainsbury by going GM-free.

Grampian, which supplies a third of Britain's chickens, announced that it will remove all genetically modified soy from its chicken feed by June.

Both Tesco and Asda expect to sell non-engineered pork, poultry, eggs and fish by this fall, with other products to follow. All three of Britain's top supermarkets have now announced their intention to eliminate biotech crops from animal feed, including Sainsbury markets, which made its commitment last year. Other European food companies, such as the Belgian supermarket Carrefour and Wiesenhof, Germany's biggest chicken producer, have announced their intention to sell only animals fed with non- genetically engineered feed. McDonald's recently announced that its chicken products sold across Europe will come from animals raised on a diet free of genetic manipulation.

Source: NewsEdge Corporation