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Yet another lawsuit over StarLink

(February 7, 2001 -- Cropchoice news) -- Iowa farmers have filed a third class-action lawsuit against Aventis over its genetically modified StarLink corn.

Polk County farmers who raised other approved transgenic corn charge that they lost money because of the StarLink debacle. Farmers filed two other lawsuits in December. As Cropchoice reported earlier in the week, Nebraska farmers also have filed a class-action lawsuit against Aventis.

The costs to Aventis over StarLink contamination of the 2000 U.S. corn crop could reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Indeed, Aventis stakeholder Scherig admitted in its annual statement that the costs were burdensome.

Environmental organizations found traces of the unapproved corn -- scientists suspect that it may be allergenic -- in taco shells in September, which led to food recalls. Japan and South Korea cut their U.S. corn after they discovered StarLink in shipments.

Source: Agweb.com