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Ecuador tries to avoid GM food aid

(May 17, 2001 -- Cropchoice news) -- Ecuadorian officials reportedly asked the United Nations to destroy U.S. food aid containing transgenic ingredients. They issued this request in response to the suspicion that recent donations contained transgenic soybeans.

Indeed, samples of Latin American food aid that the environmental organization Friends of the Earth sent to labs for testing revealed high levels of such ingredients.

In February, Cropchoice reported on Bosnian officials’ decision to turn away a $4 million donation (40 million metric tons) of transgenic corn for animal feed.

The position of the U.S. Department of Agriculture said that any transgenic food in donations has government approval for human consumption.

Such food may have approval, but that doesn’t mean that doesn’t equal acceptance. Gerber, Frito-Lay, and Asda Wal-Mart are some of the companies trying to avoid these foods.