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Syngenta wants to win over consumers with biotech rice for dialysis patients

(Aug. 20, 2002 -- CropChoice news) -- As part of a bid to convince consumers of the benefits of genetically engineered crops, Syngenta is seeking regulatory approval for a biotech rice that it claims will improve the diets of patients undergoing kydney dialysis.

The U.S. agrochemical company removed from the rice a protein that triggers allergic reactions. The product is geared toward the Asian market where some dialysis patinets can't eat the commonly available rice because their bodies won't tolerate its high protein content.

Michael Pragnell, Syngenta chief executive, told the Financial Times: Its a niche market, but its a latch-lifter; the regulators either have to become less fastidious or deny benefits to patients. We are pursuing these markets not because we will make a fortune, but because it will introduce some regulatory tension.

Source: Financial Times