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Indian farm leaders cry foul over Bt cotton approval

(April 8, 2002 CropChoice news) Indian farm leaders say that the federal government approved the commercialization of Bt cotton because of pressure from Monsanto and other multinational companies.

The spread of this and other genetically modified crops in India will spur further industrialization of agriculture, complete with farmers driven from the land and the spread of crop monocultures, according to Vandana Shiva, director of the Research Foundation of Science, Technology and Ecology; N K Shukla of All India Kisan Sabha, Debabrata Biswas of All India Agragami Kisan Sabha and Hannan Mollah of All India Agriculture Workers Union.

They say that the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) failed in its mission to ensure biosafety by granting permission for farmers to plant Bt cotton.

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