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South Korea to import 300,000 tons of non-transgenic soybeans from China

(Dec. 17, 2001 CropChoice news) South Korea plans to import 300,000 tons of non-transgenic soybeans for food use from China each year, beginning in 2002.

Although most of the soybeans that it currently imports come from the United States, South Korea wants to avoid crops with genetically modified organisms. While almost 40 percent of the imported U.S. soybeans have tested positive for transgenic traits, all of the Chinese beans have tested negative, according to the Korean National Agricultural Product Quality Management Service.

South Korea mandated labeling of transgenic corn, soybeans and bean sprouts in March 2001, according to the Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Companies that fail to properly label such foods face stiff fines.

Source: FWN Financial