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Chance to submit comments about Codex food standards

(May 13, 2002 CropChoice opinion) The World Health Organization is seeking public input as it evaluates WHO/FAO food standards program, including Codex Alimentarius, and that this is the first evaluation of Codex's international food code - and its standard setting-mechanisms - since Codex was established 40 years ago.

The WHO/FAO is inviting comments from the public to ensure that all those with a stake in the use of these food standards can make their views known.

The evaluation of comments is being done by an independent team and the release suggests the public could, among other things, comment on:

  • 'The relevance and adequacy of Codex and other standards as a basis for consumer health protection, trade and economic development. '
  • 'The adequacy of governance structures and decision-making processes in the food standards work, including Codex'
  • 'The speed and transparency of the Codex process, including for developing countries, and the respresentation of developing country interests in Codex'
  • 'Implications for future international systems of food safety and food standards developments relative to public health, food trade and economic development in a broader sense.'

COMMENTS ARE INVITED BY 13TH MAY although the consultation period ends in spring 2003. So maybe there is some way that late entries can be considered. They ask us to send them to 'Programme Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, World Health Organisation, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland, fax 41 22 791 4807 e-m codexreview@who.int

Background information is on the following web sites:

The press contact is Gregory Hartl, Communications Advisor for Sustainable Development and Healthy Environments, Tel: 41 22 791 4458 or Mob. 41 79 203 6715 E-m: hartlg@who.int