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Biotech food news from the FAO

(May 9, 2002 – CropChoice news) -- In connection with the "The World Food Summit: five years later" to be held in Rome, June 10-13, 2002, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has prepared a series of fact sheets on specific issues and topics ( http://www.fao.org/worldfoodsummit/fsheets.htm or http://www.fao.org/worldfoodsummit/fsheets/biotech.pdf).

In other UN food news, the FAO will begin its 7th electronic conference on agricultural biotechnology in about one month. On the agenda is the issue of gene flow from genetically modified to non-genetically modified animals, crops, fish and trees. The Organization has invited anyone who’s interested to participate. The conference is moderated and all messages posted during the conference will be placed on the Forum website ( http://www.fao.org/biotech/forum.asp ).

For more information, contact biotech-mod3@fao.org. To join the Forum (and also register for the conference), send an e-mail to mailserv@mailserv.fao.org, leaving the subject blank and entering only the following two-line text message: subscribe BIOTECH-L, subscribe biotech-room3.

If you are already a Forum Member and wish to register for the conference, send an e-mail to mailserv@mailserv.fao.org with the one-line message: subscribe biotech-room3.


Source: AgNet