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Michigan farmer tells Monsanto, other biotech companies where to get off

(Thursday, Aug. 7, 2003 -- CropChoice guest commentary) --

Dear Monsanto, Subsidiaries, Users, etc...:

It should be considered a noble cause that your company, its subsideries, and individuals, are working toward improving agricultural practices for the benefit of mankind. One of the methods, specifically, the genetic manipulation of living organisms is, in the opinion of this writer, beyond the authority of any company, its subsidiaries, or individuals to claim any patent or product rights to.

However, since your company is claiming product [and patent] rights to certain GMO practices and or products, you also have to accept responsibility (product liability) for any resulting consequences, whether intentional or not, for your purposeful manipulation of the use and control of the original product.

Your intentional genetic manipulation of natural living organisms results in a change not intended in the "original product". Your claim to this "product" also gives you all potential liabilities now, and in the future.

The intent of this notice is to inform you that the Dunklee Family Farm, located at 11202 E. Carpenter road, Davison, Michigan, is a member of the Organic Growers of Michigan and registered with the State of Michigan as a "no spray" organic vegetable farm. Contamination of this farm by any of your "products", methods, or practices leaves you, your subsidiaries, individuals, and users of your products responsible for correcting any and all problems created, whether intentional or not.

Your organizations choice to practice GMO manipulation makes it your responsibility to insure the "products" you have altered and claim rights to do not enter the physical, legal boundaries of this farm by any delivery method, man made or natural. After all, you claim "control" of your product(s).

Your compliance to this simple request is most appreciated. Lack of your genetic markers in the biodiverse products[organisms] on this farm will show your compliance to this request.


Donald D. Dunklee

organic grower
Davison, Michigan.