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Promise of decreased insecticide use not panning out with GM crops

(July 25, 2001 – CropChoice news) – The biotechnology industry may have promised reduced use of insecticides on Bt corn, designed to kill the European corn borer, but that’s not what’s happening, at least according to scientists at Iowa State University. The use of soil insecticides (highly toxic, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service) is as widespread as ever.

Entomologist John Obrycki and his colleagues recently produced a study that was critical of transgenic crops. See "Study finds that benefits of Bt corn may not outweigh potential risks;" www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=366 .

In addition to potential environmental problems with these crops, such as Bt-related Monarch butterfly fatalities, scientists have begun to see a few types of moths and other insects develop resistance to Bt.