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Family farmers of Whoville: 'We are here'

Dear Editor:

It seems there is more and more talk these days on the farm bill. I can sympathize with those who live in the city as they try to make some sense of it, if they even try at all. As a farmer I can tell you that I have a hard time trying to figure it out myself. It seems to me that the problem is that Congress and the public in general are mislead about who farm payments benefit most and exactly how much they benefit. Politicians say it's all for family farmers, but they fail to recognize that family farmers are middle class families living and working on the farm for what is a very middle class living, if it is that good. Meanwhile, big agribusiness hides behind a family farmer label while it profits at the expense of all concerned, including family farmers, by driving us out of business and into city jobs.

We family farmers are a little like the people of Dr Seuss' dust specked size world, Whoville, who keep shouting 'we are here' as the hero in the story, Horton, is about to vacuum them into oblivion. Family farms deserve to have their efforts supported by a decent and thoughtful farm bill that guarantees America a plentiful and safe food supply. We don't deserve to be swept under the rug by big farms who covet our land and our living.


Richard R. Oswald
Langdon, MO