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Chinese favor mandatory labels on transgenics, Thailand requires them

(May 30, 2001 CropChoice news) According to a survey of 926 Chinese people last week, 52 percent of the respondents want to see mandatory labeling of transgenic foods instead of the current voluntary framework. Any pre-packaged food with transgenic content of more than 1 percent should carry a label, according to 49 percent of survey respondents; one out of 10 respondents supported the current proposal for a 5 percent threshold. The Democratic Party conducted the survey.

Meanwhile, the government of Thailand will require that imported raw food ingredients be labeled if they are genetically modified. This comes in response to the European Union demand for traceability of transgenic ingredients. These regulations will commence when the labeling of domestic food begins.

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Sources: South China Morning Post, www.checkbiotech.org, CropChoice archives