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Some Iowa farmers love those specialty soybeans

(January 12, 2001 – Cropchoice news) – Amid news of soybean futures slumping to their lowest level in eight weeks because of high stocks and lower exports, the picture appears to be much brighter for growers of specialty soybeans.

An Iowa State University survey found that 8 percent of farmers in the state grew specialty soybeans last year. These niche beans usually receive a premium for farmers over conventional -- and increasingly genetically engineered -- commodity soybeans.

According to ProgressiveFarmer.com, “their estimated total production of all special output trait soybeans for Iowa in 1999 was about 26 million bushels, and included clear hilum and tofu soybeans, organic and pesticide free, STS soybeans, and non-biotech soybeans.”

Almost 40 percent of the respondents indicated that they plan to continue planting specialty soybeans.

Source: Doane Agricultural Services, ProgressiveFarmer.com