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Bove exits jail

(Aug. 1, 2002 -- CropChoice news) -- Activist farmer Jose Bove exited a French prison today after serving 40 days for destroying a McDonalds restaurant under construction in the south of the country. That was Bove's method of protesting globalization.

His jail time might not be finished, though. A court in the town of Foix likely will announce in September whether Bove must return to jail for his involvement in destroying genetically modified crops.

"Bove and many other French farmers were victims of globalization and international trade law like the World Trade Organization," said Bill Christison, president of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center and of the National Family Farm Coalition. "WTO is the brainchild of multi-national corporations who only represent themselves. Jose Bove along with other French farmers were destroyed economically because of bad trade law. Because these French farmers put their lives and economic future on the line for family farmers around the world, they in turn have been supported by millions of family farmers in their attempt to bring about social and economic justice."

Source: Associated Press