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Biotech wheat research underway at SDSU

(Friday, Aug. 7, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- Joe Kafka, AP, 08/07/03 via AgNet: Karl Glover, South Dakota State University project leader for spring wheat breeding and genetics, was cited as saying that development of spring wheat that is genetically bred to resist a popular weed killer is going well, but it will be a few years yet before the new wheat may be ready for release, and that. about 150 wheat varieties are being used in the biotech research at two small test plots on private farmland.

The story says that the research, which is partially financed by Monsanto Co., initially began in 1999, by inserting the firm's patented Roundup Ready gene into wheat.

Glover was quoted as saying, "It will reduce chemical use and provide more time to spend with the family if farmers are not spraying weeds several times a year but instead spray weeds just once."