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2004 Non-GMO Sourcebook features more than 425 suppliers of non-GMO products, services

(Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- From a news release:

Contact: Ken Roseboro, 641-472-1491

(November 25, 2003, Fairfield, IA, USA)—The recently published 2004 Non-GMO Sourcebook features more than 425 listings of suppliers of non-GMO and organic products and services, as well as an easy-to-use index by product category.

Published annually, The Non-GMO Sourcebook is the only publication to provide a comprehensive worldwide list of suppliers of non-GMO products, including seed, grains, ingredients, food products, and related products and services.

As genetically modified crops increase worldwide, food producers are increasingly concerned about the availability of non-GMO supplies to meet consumer demands. The Non-GMO Sourcebook responds to this need.

Easy-to-use, valuable reference

The 2004 Non-GMO Sourcebook contains 22% more company listings than the 2003 edition and features the following:

  • Extensive listing of suppliers of non-GMO and organic corn/maize, soy, and canola grains and processed ingredients. Suppliers of organic seed, grain, and ingredients .
  • Service providers including GMO testing labs and test kit manufacturers, experts in identity preservation, organic certification, and other consultants.
  • Easy-to-use index by product category allows readers to quickly locate suppliers for the products they need. Useful recommendations for sourcing non-GMO ingredients and seed and for choosing a GMO test method.

Published annually

The Non-GMO Sourcebook is published each year by Writing Solutions, Inc., which also publishes The Non-GMO Source monthly newsletter.

Subscribers to The Non-GMO Source newsletter receive The Non-GMO Sourcebook as a free bonus. Individuals can order The 2004 Non-GMO Sourcebook for US$39 by phone: +1.641.472.1491, email: ken@non-gmosource.com, or online: www.non-gmosource.com.