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Norway turns to Brazil for beans

(Aug. 1, 2002 -- CropChoice news) -- With a zero tolerance for genetically modified soybean products, Norway has turned to Brazil for the oilseeds. As a result, the United States, a major grower of genetically engineered varieties, has lost "an estimated $60 million annually, considering that before the GMO ban the U.S. had about a 70 percent share of the Norwegian market," according to a July report by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.

"In Brazil, Denofa [Norwegian soybean crusher] has entered into contract growing arrangements whereby Denofa can monitor operations from seed and bean production to storage and shipment. It had 400,000 MT of storage available there and segregated space at port facilities."

Source: Foreign Agricultural Service, http://www.fas.usda.gov/gainfiles/200207/145684024.pdf