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EU to vote on authorisation for GM sweet corn

(Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- just-food.com: The European Unionís unofficial five-year moratorium on approving GM products could be brought to an end soon, with an upcoming vote on authorising imports of a type of genetically modified sweet corn.

A first decision on whether or not to approve Syngentaís Bt-11 maize is likely to be taken by EU representatives at a committee meeting on 10 November or 12 December, reported Reuters.

If the EU decides to allow imports of the product, the move will be welcomed by Argentina, Canada and the US, who have filed dispute proceedings at the World Trade Organisation against the EUís refusal to authorise new GM products since 1998.

Another GM product, Monsantoís GA21 field corn, is likely to be voted on by the committee in the first half of next year, Reuters said.

Even if GM products are approved in the EU, many retailers have said they will not stock GM foods due to widespread consumer opposition.