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Putting the heat on livestock antibiotics in Wisconsin?

(Friday, Dec. 20, 2002 -- CropChoice reader letter) --Dear Editor:

I read the recent article on the CropChoice news service, "Ag scientists feel the heat" (Tuesday, Dec. 2, http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?RecID=1161), with great interest. Perhaps you can help me out.

Representative Gregg Underheim, the Chair of the Committee on Health for the Wisconsin State Assembly (http://www.legis.state.wi.us/assembly/asm54/asm54.html), has asked me to find a couple of experts who are willing to testify on the dangers to human health posed by the routine use of antibiotics in the feed of farm animals as a growth promotant. In response to a letter I wrote him, he has offered to arrange a public hearing on the issue at the WI State Capital sometime during the next legislative session (2003-5), if I can find a couple of such experts for him. Can you or CropChoice readers help me with this?

Thank you,
Steve Barney
Oshkosh, WI