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Sales of Monsanto cotton seed rises in India, but misses mark

(Friday, Aug. 15, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- S. Srinivasan, Associated Press, 08/12/03 via Agnet: BANGALORE, India - Monsanto's Indian spokeswoman Ranjana Smetacek was cited as saying Monday that the sale of St. Louis-based Monsanto Corp.'s genetically engineered cotton seeds rose sharply in India this year, but fell well short of the company's target due to opposition by some farmer groups against its use, adding, "We had hoped to do higher sales. But given the environment, farmers have been tentative in buying BT cotton. In this situation, what we have achieved is very good growth."

The story says that the sale of genetically altered cotton is allowed in six of India's 29 states. Sales this season are 216 percent higher than 2002, the first year of genetically altered crop sales in India.

However, the sale was below the company's target to sell 700,000 packets this season. Sales have ended in four states and are continuing in two, but the target will be missed.