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At least 26 Vermont towns pass resolutions against genetic engineering

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(March 5, 2002 – CropChoice news) -- As of 7 PM on Tuesday evening, we have reports from 29 towns that debated resolutions on genetically engineered (GE) foods at town meetings today or Monday evening. Of those, 26 towns passed resolutions opposing GE foods, 2 towns tabled their resolution, and one voted it down. We are still awaiting reports from at least 8 additional towns.

Most of the resolutions included language stating that GE foods have been shown to cause long-term damage to the environment, the integrity of rural, family farm economies and can have serious impacts on human health. Most resolutions called upon legislators and congressional representatives to support labeling of GE foods and seeds, in addition to a moratorium on the growing of GE crops.

In addition, eight towns took steps toward ending the use of GE crops within their towns, whether by declaring a town moratorium or urging that the planting of GE seeds be actively discouraged.

Resolutions opposing the genetic engineering of food passed in Calais, Marshfield, Walden, Putney, Plainfield, Woodbury, Jamaica, Lincoln, Waitsfield, Wheelock, Greensboro, Wolcott, Monkton, Ripton, Hinesburg, Randolph, Bristol, Moretown, Warren, Fayston, Marlboro, Charlotte, Westfield, Newfane, Brookline and Westiminster. Calais, Marshfield, Walden, Jamaica, Greensboro, Charlotte, Westfield and Ripton took further action against the planting of GE seeds in their towns.

The resolutions were tabled in New Haven and Craftsbury, and one was voted down in Rochester.

We are still awaiting results from Montpelier, Brattleboro, Montgomery and Townsend, as well as several towns where the issue was expected to be raised under new business.

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