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Heartbreak in the Heartland

By Say No To GMOs!

(April 24, 2002 CropChoice guest commentary) In the 26 minute video, "HEARTBREAK IN THE HEARTLAND: The True Cost of Genetically Engineered Crops," farmers on the frontlines share their thoughts on how GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are threatening agriculture, consumer choice, and the environment.

  • non-GMO crops and ecosystems are being invaded by uncontrollable, pervasive GMO pollen drift
  • herbicide resistant plants ("superweeds") are increasingly difficult to eradicate
  • farmers' rights to save and replant seed are under attack
  • legal decisions on patented seeds will determine the future of agriculture and the food supply
  • Monsanto's aggressive tactics are bringing grief to farmers across the heartland
  • political and regulatory decisions are determined by for-profit corporate agendas
  • consumers are being denied the right to know and choose
  • the natural genetic evolution of life on this planet is being irreversibly altered for profit

This video is a re-edited version of 'Genetically Engineered Seeds of Controversy: Biotech Bullies Threaten Farmer and Consumer Rights' which was videotaped last October at the University of Texas at Austin. The shortened length and reorganization crystallize the issues, convey a sense of urgency and encourage viewer participation. It is suitable for a wide variety of audiences and circumstances.

Copies of the video may be ordered on-line at The Campaign video store http://www.thecampaign.org/store.htm.

Please circulate the video far and wide to friends, local community groups, TV stations, farmers, regulatory agencies, lawmakers, etc. Feedback is also most welcome. Thank you!

Say No To GMOs!
"Grassroots education, activities and resources in Texas or consumer choice and a genetically viable future" http://www.saynotogmos.org