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Brazilian court lifts ban on Monsanto GM soybeans

Editor's note: Hmmm. Might there be a connection between the Vatican's move to bless biotech foods and the decision of the federal court in Brazil, a very Catholic country, to lift the moratorium on genetically engineered soybeans? -- RS

(Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- Reuters, 08/12/03:

SAO PAULO, Brazil, - A Brazilian federal tribunal said on Tuesday it decided to lift a longstanding ban on the sale of Monsanto's genetically modified Roundup Ready soybeans in the world's No. 2 soy producer.

An injunction had been in effect since 2000, when Brazil's consumer watchdog group IDEC and Greenpeace filed a motion in the courts against the sale of RR soybeans by U.S. biotechnology giant, Monsanto Co. , in Brazil.

Brazil is the last agricultural producer of its size to ban the sale of genetically modified crops, or GM foods.

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