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ADM to offer 20-cent premium for non-GMO soybeans

(Oct. 15, 2001 CropChoice news) Beginning on Dec. 1, Archer Daniels Midland will pay a 20-cent-per bushel premium for non-transgenic soybeans that it crushes at its Decatur, Ill processing facility.

All that the growers have to do is to prove that their soybeans contain no transgenic ingredients.

Of course, therein lies the problem: few seed dealers are willing to guarantee that the seeds they sell contain no transgenic characteristics. Instead, its left up to farmers to pay for tests on their crops.

ADM already pays 10 cents a bushel more for non-genetically modified beans at many of its river elevators; the company also pays a premium of 6 to 12 cents per bushel for non-transgenic corn.