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Canadian high court sets date for Schmeiser appeal

(Saturday, June 21, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- The Supreme Court of Canada will hear the appeal of Percy Schmeiser on January 20, 2004. For some background on Schmeiser's legal troubles with Monsanto Corporation, go to:

  • Schmeiser gets his day in the Supreme Court

    (Friday, May 9, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- Percy Schmeiser, the Saskatchewan farmer whose been engaged in a two-year legal battle with Monsanto over its claims that he infringed the patent on its Roundup Ready canola seed, genetically engineered to resist the glyphosate herbicide (sold under the Roundup trade name), has won the right to present his defense before the Supreme Court of Canada. Past rulings against Schmeiser have held him liable to the company for more than $170,000 in damages and legal costs... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=1638

  • What is Monsanto doing to farmers? The case of Percy Schmeiser and its implications... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=1050

  • Canadian appeals court upholds Schmeiser patent infringement ruling... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=923