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Bloody Butcher

(Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2002 -- CropChoice announcement) -- "We have an OCIA certified organic 200-acre farm in iowa. With the lack of organic seed supply, I have started to sell some of my seed stock to other organic farmers. The red corn I sell is 'bloody butcher,' an open pollinated corn from the 1840's that was used as feed in Iowa. It came from an accidental cross between Indian corn and corn brought in by the settlers. It is very hard to get seed stock and is very expensive as it is sold as a novelty by seed companies. They sell it for $4.00 to $9.00 per pound. I will sell it to certified farmers for $2.50/lb. Food grade market for this corn right now is $0.15/lb. It yealds about 50 to 60 bu/acre on an average year. Livestock love it and the stalks. It is a tall corn and would make good silage.

We are also setting up to supply small grain seeds at this time."

Robert Sterken

Editor's note: CropChoice received no money to run this announcement.