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Aventis and state attorneys general forge agreement on StarLink

(January 24, 2001 – Cropchoice news) – Aventis and 17 state attorneys general this week reached an agreement in which the company could end up paying hundreds of millions of dollars to growers and elevators who lost money after StarLink corn, which had received government approval only for livestock consumption, found its way into the human food supply last year. Following the contamination, food producers recalled some 300 products containing corn.

Aventis, the European company that makes StarLink, assured the States that it has the money to satisfy its part of the agreement.

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said that Aventis acknowledged its obligation to compensate farmers and elevators for losses they incurred from StarLink corn, buffer corn and non-genetically engineered varieties that were mixed with StarLink. If the company fails to fulfill its obligations, the States have the right to go to court.

To learn more about the agreement, go to the Aventis Web site at www.StarLinkCorn.com. Among other things, the company will pay up to a 25 cent per bushel premium to farmers who grew StarLink and to those who grew corn in buffers. Aventis will also move eligible corn through its StarLink Enhanced Stewardship program (SES). The deadline for participating in this program is Feb. 15, 2001.

Source: Farm Progress