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Corn Growers remember Senator Wellstone:Champion of farm families will be dearly missed

(Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2002 -- CropChoice news) -- Keith Dittrich, president of the American Corn Growers Association (ACGA) today paused to reflect on the life of the late senator Paul Wellstone. On behalf of the board and staff of the organization, he expressed sorrow over the loss of the Senator, and his wife, daughter and five staff members, and offered sympathy to their families and the people of Minnesota.

"Paul Wellstone was a statesman in the truest sense," said Dittrich. "Our founding fathers would have been proud to know that such a man existed today to protect the democracy they formed. Family farmers, rural Americans, working people and the nation as a whole, will miss him dearly. We can remember him best by looking forward, doing the right thing regardless of the personal consequences and speaking out for the people in this world who are disenfranchised and powerless. We honor his legacy by seeking solutions that benefit both family farmers and consumers and by striving to bring people together instead of driving them apart with a wedge of financial power."

David Senter, a long time friend of the Senator and ACGA Director of Legislative Affairs added, "Senator Paul Wellstone, the person, stood taller than most. He never backed away from a fight for what he believed in and he brought out the best in those around him. He gave me courage to continue the struggle for justice and the memories of my friend Paul Wellstone will cross my mind often and will never fade."