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Chaos in Parana

(Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- Roger Bernard, AgWeb, 10/22/03: Brazil is in the midst of a developing divergence on GMO crops. While a president decree has been signed to temporarily allow the planting and sale of GMO crops like soybeans, actions in Parana appear to be complicating things just a bit.

Parana's legislature approved a package which creates a GMO-free zone in the state. The state's governor is expected to sign the measure shortly. The GMO-free zone is allowed under the presidential decree via a provision added after the initial decree was signed.

This situation has resulted in some 400 trucks being stopped at entry points into Parana as reports say truckers don't have certification that their loads are GMO-free. This is key since the trucks in question are headed for the port of Paranagua.

How the matter will be resolved is key. Right now is not a major export time for Brazilian beans, but it signals there could be trouble ahead for soy shipments from the country unless there is a resolution which allows the trucks to make their way to port.