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Report: Japan Rejects Starlink-Tainted Corn Shipment

(24 October - Cropchoice News) -- A wire report from Reuters today indicates that Japan may have rejected a 55,000 ton shipment of US corn after it tested positive for Starlink. The wire reports that a "senior industry source" in Japan says "There's talk that a local trade house declined to accept a 55,000-tonne U.S. corn cargo as StarLink corn had been found in the shipment before it left for Japan."

If the report is confirmed, it would be major blow to US efforts to reassure traders that Starlink won't find its way into US exports to Japan. In recent weeks, USDA, Grains Council, and National Corn Growers Association representatives have put a full court public relations press on Japan to convince Tokyo not to worry about contaminated corn.

Stay tuned to Cropchoice for more details on this report.

SOURCE: Reuters