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Farmers support GM crops, survey says

(Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- ABC News (Australia), 08/18/03, via Agnet: A new national survey of farmers' attitudes to genetically-modified crops has found the majority support the technology, but farmers in Victoria and New South Wales are the most cautious.

The survey by Federal Government agency Biotechnology Australia polled 500 farmers nationally and revealed most will grow GM crops as long as several concerns are addressed.

The agency's Craig Cormick says those concerns are whether the performance of the crops is proven, keeping access to overseas markets and a possible negative consumer reaction.

"We hope this will feed into some of the decisions being made on gene technology, to help people look at all the questions, all the results to make some more informed decisions," Mr Cormick said. He says the agency conducted the survey because it is concerned previous polls were biased.

"Of course we expect some groups who are for gene technology to try and pick up the stats that best support their case and those groups that are against gene technology will of course pick up the stats that best prove their case."