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Thanks a lot for nothing

(June 10, 2002 -- CropChoice guest commentary) -- One of our readers sent along this letter she had written to Cascadian Farms in response to the decision of its parent company -- General Mills -- to introduce a new line of organic cereals.

Dear Cascadian Farms,

If the June 7 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL article by Kevin Helliker is any indication of things to come, the future of organics is bleak indeed. How can Cascadian Farm, in good conscience, whore for General Mills like that!! It confims my decision about a year ago to no longer purchase ANY Cascadian Farm products. I think the debate at the 2001 OTA conference about the inevitability of an organic Twinkie will be realized sooner than any of us think. Between big corporate players like General Mills and GMOs, organics will be a thing of the past before long. To think I used to trust you!! Thanks a lot . . . for nothing.