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Monsanto suing another Canadian farmer

(July 19, 2001 – CropChoice news) – Feeling good about its initial triumph in court against Canadian canola farmer Percy Schmeiser, Monsanto is set to sue another Saskatchewan grower over its patent on Roundup Ready canola.

The biotech giant filed suit against Kelly Ryczak of Yorkton last week in the Court of Queen’s Bench over allegations that the farmer infringed its patent in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Monsanto says that Ryczak "improperly obtained glyphosate-resistant canola seeds" from his father or other farmers who had a license to plant the Roundup Ready seeds.

The company is already involved in litigation with hundreds of farmers in the United States, including the Nelsons of North Dakota and the Roushes of Indiana.

Source: The StarPhoenix