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Food processors volunteer to label allergenic ingredients

(May 31, 2001 –CropChoice news) – In a bid to diffuse Democratic-inspired bills that would stiffen labeling requirements for processed foods, heavywieghts in the indsutry, such as Kraft and General Mills, have volunteered to label the allergenic ingredients in their foods. However, neither the voluntary guidelines nor the soon-to-be-introduced legislation calls for labels on transgenic ingredients.

Parting with present practice, the Congress will consider, among other things, allowing the Food and Drug Administration to review company records and impose fines if unlabeled allergenic ingredients end up in food.

So, the two largest industry groups are taking preemptive action. They’ll introduce voluntary labeling guidelines calling on processors to use words that consumers will understand better. For example, instead of "casein," or "albumen," a label would read, "milk," or "eggs." The labels also would name the allergenic sources of flavorings, such as peanuts.