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BSE safety concerns; Monsanto delays Canadian biotech wheat registration, other CropChoice news, commentary

(Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2004 -- CropChoice news) -- Below are links to some CropChoice news and commentary from the last couple of weeks. Please go to http://www.cropchoice.com to see others.

  • 'Mad Cow' disease in United States raises significant questions concerning U.S. food safety policies

    by Roger A. McEowen* and Neil E. Harl** (Thursday, Jan. 1, 2004-- CropChoice guest commentary)-- The detection of a Holstein cow infected with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) (commonly known as "mad cow" disease) at a dairy in Washington state raises significant questions about the effectiveness and validity of existing food safety regulations and the ability of the federal government to detect the presence of the disease under current procedures.1 Likewise, the presence of BSE in the U.S. will almost certainly force the Congress to reconsider legislation that addresses the safety of the U.S. meat supply... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2314

  • Judge OKs genetically modified crop ban vote in Mendocino County... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2309

  • Oakhurst to alter its label... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2310

  • Asian Rust infected soybeans should not be allowed in U.S., says grower group

    (Friday, Jan. 2, 2003 -- CropChoice news) -- From a news release: The Soybean Producers of America (SPA) is urging the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to immediately halt all shipments of soybeans and soybean products in to the United States from nations that have Asian Rust contamination. Asian Rust is a disease that can drastically reduce soybean yields and thus far the United States has avoided this disaster... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2315

  • UK grain, feed trade association cautions traders on biotech food... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2322
  • Corporate Agriculture: The Hollow Men

    Corporate Agriculture: The Hollow Men, a segment of The Nature of Things with Dr. David Suzuki, CBC TV

    The pastoral images of farm life the Old MacDonald version with green pastures, cows in a field and a yard full of chickens and pigs are now far from reality. Its been a long battle by corporations to turn agriculture into agribusiness. The struggle between individual farmers and corporate factory farms is being fought across North America... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2320

  • Monsanto delays registry of Roundup Ready wheat... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2319

  • BSE slips through the firewall

    (Sunday, Jan. 4, 2003 -- CropChoice guest commentary) -- In January of 2003 USDA issued a press release announcing the progress it had made on implementing preventative measures aimed at keeping bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) out of the United States. The BSE prevention program included testing of 20,000 cattle for BSE in 2002: banning imports of live ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats) and most ruminant products from countries at risk for having BSE; banning the use of most rendered mammalian protein in ruminant feed and prohibiting the use of vertebral columns from certain categories of cattle. Note: most, certain--- loopholes... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2317

  • Cross County: One mad cow in the minefield of life... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2327

  • China's GMO soybean authorization likely by January's end... http://www.cropchoice.com/leadstry.asp?recid=2321